Plan B is an initiative provided by the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit working in police custody suites  across the county.The Plan B Custody Navigator scheme is delivered by City Hearts and aims to engage young adults to help them make the right choices and to step away from crime.

The Custody Navigators will engage and  listen to those detained in custody and seek to understand  how they have become involved in criminality. They will provide help and support aimed to steer them away from criminality and support them on a journey away from the one they are on now.

Plan B is not an alternative to the criminal justice system and proceedings will continue accordingly.  The scheme is an alternative pathway to crime and is a life choice for the individual.

How does Plan B work?

Plan B Custody Navigators will use the Custody suites as a ‘reachable and teachable’ moment, visiting detainees seeking out those who are ready for change. The Navigators will not discuss the circumstances of an arrest or any on-going criminal investigation.The sole purpose of the visit by the Plan B Custody Navigator will be to work with the detainee to address ways of looking for alternative ways of removing them from a life of crime.

About Plan B Custody Navigators

All Plan B Custody Navigators are fully-trained and non-judgmental. Any information provided to the Custody Navigators will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

The sole purpose of a custody navigator is to help and support those seeking change and to help them to choose a life away from crime.

Contact details for more information:

Telephone: 0114 213 206